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Approval process

Starting the approval process: request approval

In the Invoices screen, you can use the filters to find the invoices that need to be approved (e.g. by clicking the ‘Ready To Approve button’). Open and check the invoices to be approved. After checking the invoices, click on the exclamation mark in the row of the invoice that needs to be approved or the exclamation mark on the top if you made a selection of invoices to be approved. By clicking the button with the exclamation mark, you will get a pop-up that shows you what your options are and how many invoices will be impacted by the option. Clicking ‘Request Approval’ locks the invoice(s) and begins the invoice approval process.

Please note: you can only click the options in the approval process that you are authorized for. Other options will be disabled.

Approving or rejecting invoices

After requesting approval for an invoice, it is ready to be approved or rejected. The Status column in the invoices screen shows which invoices are in the process of approving, but you can also use the filter of ‘Pending My Approval’ to find all invoices that wait for your approval. Select the invoices you want to approve or reject and click on the exclamation mark button. This results in the pop-up that shows you the approval options and the number of invoices that will be affected selecting an option.

By approving the invoice, the invoice will be finalised and an invoice number will be assigned, as this is the last step in the approval process. If you reject the invoice, it will be sent back to the prior step in the process and approval has to be requested again.

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