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This object represents an invoice transformation result that contain information about the result (output) of an invoice transformation.

For examples, see GetTransformationResultsForInvoices and GetTransformationResultsForInvoices.


Name Type Description
Id String The unique identifier of the invoice transformation result.
TransformationId String The unique identifier of the transformation used to obtain this result.
TransformationName String The name of the transformation used to obtain this result.
TemplateKey String The identifier of the template used for this transformation.
CreatedDate String The date this transformation result was created.
ExtraInfo TransformationResultInfo No Overview Available.
Status TransformationResultStatus The invoice transformation result status.
DataSourceType TransformationDataSourceType No Overview Available.
Channel TransformationChannel No Overview Available.
IsOutOfDate Boolean Whether this invoice transformation result is out of date and should thus be discarded and re-generated.
FriendlyFilename String No Overview Available.

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