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Can I use software like SOAPUI to manually generate purchases and create customers?

SOAP-compatible software, such as SOAPUI, can be used to work with CloudBilling. However, we recommend creating purchases manually in CloudBilling or uploading Excel imports for ease of use and accuracy. Using the API is advised to be done on test environments first and only by technically-advanced users.

While our API provides advanced capabilities for integrating with CloudBilling, it is important to note that it requires a certain level of technical expertise to use. Therefore, we recommend that only technically-advanced users use the API, and that they do so on test environments first before implementing it in a production environment.

Why is the time of my purchase different from what I indicated in API request?

Please note that the time zone of the CloudBilling environment may differ from your user time zone. If this is the case, you can adjust for the time difference by using a specific datetime format in your request.

The datetime format should be “yyyy-mm-ddThh:MM:ss +hh:MM”, where “+hh:MM” represents the time added to UTC to match the environment time zone. By using this format in your request, you can ensure that the correct time is recorded in CloudBilling, regardless of any time zone differences.

Can I have some examples of API calls?

Sure thing. You can find standard examples of API calls here. In case you encounter any issues or would like specific examples of API calls, please reach out to us via the support channel using this link or sending us an email, and we will be happy to assist you.

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