This object represents a pricing rule in the API context.

For general information about the pricing rule entity in the CloudBilling context, see Pricing Rules.


Name Type Description
Id String The Id of the pricing rule.
RuleName String The name of the rule.
RuleOrder Int32 The order in which the rule is applied when there are multiple rules applied on the same Product Cluster and Customer Cluster combination.
RuleCreated String The date the rule was created.
UpdatedDate String The most recent date the rule was updated.
ValidFrom String The date from which the rule is valid.
ValidTo String The date after which the rule is no longer valid.
Operator RuleOperator The operator of the Price Rule.
OperatorValueExpression String An expression that defines the operator value.
OperatorValue Double The value of the Price Rule.
CostOperatorValueExpression String A cost value expression that can use properties of the source item to define the cost applied.
CostOperatorValue Double The value of the cost operator.
RuleCondition String Similar to item conditions, this condition applies once for a single rule and can use properties of the customer to determine whether or not the rule should be applied.
ItemCondition String A conditional expression used to determine whether the price rule should apply to a source item.
RoundToValue Double? No Overview Available.
RoundingTypeValue RoundingEnum No Overview Available.
RoundToCost Double? No Overview Available.
RoundingTypeCost RoundingEnum No Overview Available.
ShowInPricePlan Boolean No Overview Available.
ChargePerUOM UOM The unit of measurement (UOM) for which the price applies. Used for pro-rata calculations.
ProRataPriceUOM UOM The unit of measurement (UOM) that is used to calculate the price pro rata according to the correct period. The UOM can be second, minute, hour, day, month or week.
ProRataRoundingTypeFrom RoundingEnum How the ProRata rounding should be applied to the beginning of the UOM.
ProRataRoundingTypeTo RoundingEnum How the ProRata rounding should be applied to the end of the UOM.
RuleGroupingType RuleGroupingTypeEnum No Overview Available.
RuleGroupingMetadataKey String No Overview Available.
DateGroupingUOM DateGroupingUOM No Overview Available.
DateGroupingAnchor DateGroupingAnchor No Overview Available.
DateGroupingFirstDayOfWeek DayOfWeek No Overview Available.
RuleQtyAggregationType RuleQtyAggregationEnum No Overview Available.
RuleGroupValueType RuleGroupValueTypeEnum No Overview Available.
RuleGroupCostValueType RuleGroupValueTypeEnum No Overview Available.
AggregateChunkSizeOverride Int32? No Overview Available.
AggregatedChunkAutoRollup Boolean No Overview Available.
AggregateChunkAlsoOutput Boolean No Overview Available.
ProductClusterTagName String The name of the Product Cluster the Price Rule applies to.
CustomerClusterTagName String The name of the Customer Cluster.
ProductClusterRelativeLevel Int32 No Overview Available.
CustomerClusterRelativeLevel Int32 No Overview Available.
ProductClusterId String The Id of the Product Cluster the pricing rule applies to.
CustomerClusterId String The Id of the Customer Cluster the pricing rule is applied to.
OverridenRuleName String No Overview Available.
SeparateDiscountValue Boolean No Overview Available.
SimpleQtySumming Boolean? No Overview Available.
IsFinalResult Boolean True or False, determines if the pricing rule result can be overwritten by subsequent rules.
IsInvoiceRule Boolean Determines if the pricing rule result should be displayed on the invoice.
InvoiceLabelKey String The invoice label key is used by the system to identify the correct Invoice Label to be displayed on the invoice.
InvoiceLabelOverrides (Int32, String)[] No Overview Available.
InvoiceOrderIndex Int32 An integer that is used to determine the relative order of the invoice line items generated by this rule.
SeparateLineItemInvoiceLabelKey String No Overview Available.
SeparateLineItemInvoiceLabelOverrides (Int32, String)[] No Overview Available.
SeparateLineItemInvoiceOrderIndex Int32 No Overview Available.
Ladder PricingRuleLadder No Overview Available.
Bundle PricingRuleBundle No Overview Available.
MetadataCopyType MetadataCopyTypeEnum No Overview Available.
SaveSourceProductClusterTagNameMetadataKey String No Overview Available.
StringMetadataCopyKeys String[] No Overview Available.
NumericMetadataCopyKeys String[] No Overview Available.
DateMetadataCopyKeys String[] No Overview Available.
BillingOutputTags String[] A list of tags that are added to the pricing rule results generated by a pricing rule that can be used in transformations.
SeparateLineItemBillingOutputTags String[] A list of tags that are added to separate line items that can be used to identify these results.

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