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API Guide

Getting Started

CloudBilling may often require information from external systems, e.g. customer information, purchasing and usage information, etc.

Furthermore, external systems may need access to information stored within, or generated by CloudBilling, e.g. retrieval of calculated Invoice information for use in a financial system.

Integration is thus a crucial component of the CloudBilling platform. This section highlights how such integration is achieved via the secure CloudBilling API.


All available API methods are listed in the API Methods section. This is a sensible starting point in order to get familiarised with API functionality.

A more detailed clarification of types used by various methods can be viewed in the API Types section.

Using the API

Note that usage of the CloudBilling API requires authentication. Details around the authentication mechanism employed in the CloudBilling API is described in more detail in the Understanding API Security section. The URL for consuming the API is and the WSDL can be found at


Code samples for various languages can be found here. Note that these examples were written for an older version of the API. These will be updated in the near future.

Quick Start

The following quick start guide lists some of the most common API functionality:

I want to… Method Types/Objects
Upload Usage information UploadPurchases Purchase
Upload Customers UploadCustomers Customer
Download Invoice Headers GetInvoiceHeaders InvoiceHeader
Download a full Invoice GetInvoiceDetails InvoiceDetail
Download a Transformed Invoice GetTransformationResultsForInvoices GetTransformationResultFile TransformationResult

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