A BundleTypeItem specifies an item that is allowed to go into a bundle and defines how it fits into the bundle.


Name Type Description
AllowFractions Boolean Whether or not fractional quantities are allowed in the bundle or only whole numbers.
InBundleCost Double Cost of items in bundle.
InBundleCostExpression String Expression defining the cost of items in the bundle.
InBundleRate Double Rate of the items in bundle.
InBundleRateExpression String Expression defining the rate of items in the bundle.
WeightFactor Double The factor that should be applied to the quantities of this item. As in, a quantity of 3 would count as 3*weightFactor against the bundle size.
WeightFactorExpression String Expression defining the weightfactor.
ProductClusterTagName String The ProductClusterTagName defining which product can go into the bundle.
ProductClusterId String No Overview Available.
ProductLabel String No Overview Available.
TraverseProductCluster Boolean Indicating whether children of the defined product cluster are also allowed in the bundle.

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