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This section gives an overview of all services, indicating the Name, Product and Host of each service (see figure 1).

The listing on any of the properties can be sorted by clicking the column name. Clicking the column name toggles between sorting ascending and descending.

  • Refresh
    To refresh the Services page, click “Refresh”.

  • Add / Edit
    To add a service, click “Add”. To edit a service, select the row that needs to be edited and click “Edit”, or simply double-click the row. The application will show the “Edit Service” screen (see figure 2). Fill in or edit the fields as explained below. When done, click “Save” to save the service. To go back without saving, click “Cancel”.

    • Name: a name for the service
    • Product: the type of service that the user would like to connect to (dropdown menu)
    • Url: the url of the service, format: “https://Hostname” (example: “”)
    • Username: the username that will be used to connect to the service (the user must have admin rights), format: “username@system” (example: “john@system”)
    • Password: the password that will be used to connect to the service
    • Timeout: the number of seconds that the service should wait before timing out (0 seconds is the default)
    • Connection: to test the connection click “Test”, this will result in either “Successful” or “Failed” (in case of the latter, the error message will show why it failed to connect)
  • Delete
    To delete one or more services, select the rows that needs to be deleted and click “Delete”. A window will pop up, which asks the user whether he is sure and warns him that all customer mappings will be deleted as well. Click “Yes”.

*Figure 1:* The Services screen.

*Figure 2:* The Edit Service Mapping screen.

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