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Admin: Logs

All warnings and errors encountered by the VMware Agent application will be shown in the Logs (see figure 1). Each Log consists of a Date, Type and Message. The message gives a more detailed description of the problem that was encountered.

The Logs are by default filtered to show Logs of today only. To change the filter, select a different “From” date/time and/or a different “To” date/time. To filter by “Type”, select a type in the dropdown-menu. When done, click “Filter”. The filters can be hidden and shown by clicking the down arrow and up arrow icons respectively.

The listing on any of the properties can be sorted by clicking the column name. Clicking the column name toggles between sorting ascending and descending.

The Logs can be exported to a .log file in a .zip by clicking “Export”.

*Figure 1:* The Logs screen.

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