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Invoice Transformations & Results

Under the Invoices menu, you can find the Invoice Transformations and Invoice Transformation Results sub-menus. In this help article, we will cover both screens, as the Transformation Results page deals with the outputs generated based on the configuration choices you make in the Invoice Transformations page.

Invoice Transformations

When you click on Invoice Transformations in the menu you will be taken to a new screen which lists all the currently defined Invoice Transformations in the system.

To add a new invoice transformation click the Add button. It is also possible to perform the following actions by clicking the corresponding button in the list:

Adding or Editing a Transformation

A new screen will open with a number of required fields:

  • Invoice Transformation Name - The display name of the invoice transformation.
  • Invoice Template - Here you fill in the name of the invoice template you have uploaded into CB. The field uses autocomplete to help you find the correct template.
  • Output Type - It is possible to choose the type of output you want to generate. You can choose between plain text and PDF output.
  • Distribution Type - How the generated transformation output should be distributed, currently it is only possible to download the output or email it using the email functionality. The email functionality is not accessible from here. So it is only not necessary to do anything for this field.
  • **Autogenerate **- This field indicates if CloudBilling should automatically transform an invoice as soon as the invoice has been approved. If not selected, this transformation must be manually executed at a later stage (via the UI, where invoices must be manually selected).

Once all fields have been filled in, click the Save button to create or update the transformation.

Note: It is not possible to save changes to an existing Transformation, when there are still associated transformation results present.

Execute a Transformation

It is possible to transform large groups of invoices by clicking the Transformation’s corresponding button. A popup window will appear that allows you to configure a number of settings to narrow down the number of invoices to which you apply the transformation.

  • Invoice Transformation - Here you select the invoice transformation that you want to use.
  • Customer Cluster - Choose the customer cluster to which you want to apply the transformation to. This field uses an autocompleter to help you select an existing cluster.
  • Customer Code - If you want to apply the transformation to a single customer, fill in the customer code. This field uses an autocompleter to help you select an existing customer.
  • Customer Name - If you want to apply the transformation to a single customer, fill in the customer name. This field uses an autocompleter to help you select an existing customer.
  • Billing period from/to - If only invoices that start or end in a specific period should be transformed, select the period here.
  • BillingOutputTags - To apply the transformation to invoices that only contain certain billing output tags fill in an existing billing output tag.

Once you have configured the transformation filter correctly press the button to start the transformation process. If you are unsure of your filter settings you can first press the button to search for all invoices that meet your filter criteria.

The output of this process is a set of Invoice Transformation Results.

Invoice Transformation Results

When you apply a transformation to an invoice, be it via the button on the Invoice Transformation screen or by clicking the button on the Invoice screen, you will be taken to the Invoice Transformation Results screen. (It is also possible navigate to this screen by clicking the Invoice Transformation Results button in the menu.)

The Invoice Transformation Results screen will show you all the transformation results that have been generated or are in the process of being generated. By looking at the status of the result you can determine if the result is ready. The following statuses can be identified:

  • Pending - The transformation is pending, it is waiting for a worker to start the transformation.
  • Processing - A worker has picked up the transformation and is processing the invoice to generate the desired output.
  • Complete - The invoice has been successfully transformed and the output can be downloaded.
  • Error - Something went wrong during the transformation, hover over the status to get more information on what went wrong.

The displayed results will be sorted based on their Last Processed Date.

It is also possible to search for invoice transformation results. It is possible to filter based on the creation date or the transformation that has been used. When you have filled in the filter click on . A list of transformation results will be returned that match your filter settings.

There are various other actions available from this list:

  • You can download a single invoice by clicking the button.
  • To reprocess a transformation result, click the button. This can be done for a single result, or for multiple results. If you want to reprocess multiple results you will have to select the desired results (by clicking each relevant result with the associated button), before clicking the at the top of the list.
  • If you wish to delete a transformation result result click the button. To delete multiple results at the same time, make a selection using the buttons and click the button at the top of the list.

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