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Dashboard Overview

CloudBilling’s Management Portal allows you to keep the most up to date information that is relevant to you, right at your fingertips. This is achieved through the customisable Dashboard page. Here, CloudBilling offers numerous “Widgets” that you can select from, each of which is tailorable to the specific needs you have within your organisation.

New widgets are constantly being added (and existing ones improved!), and whenever available, they will appear in the Widget Selector, ready for you to start using in your dashboard. Once a widget is added to the dashboard, you are able to further configure the parameters of that widget (configuration differs per widget), rearrange the widget, resize it, refresh it, or simply remove it from your dashboard.

The widget categories currently available:

Adding Widgets

The widget selector is a popup that allows you to choose a widget you wish to add to your dashboard. Widgets are categorised according to function. Expanding a category will show a list of all the widgets available to you. Clicking on a widget will display more information, and a *live preview of the widget, on the large area on the right. Here, you can modify the title of the widget, and add it to your dashboard. You can add as many widgets (of the same or different types) as you wish.

* The live preview is an actual rendering of the selected widget, using current data. This is to ensure you are able to see the widget in a 100% “authentic” manner. 

Configuring Widgets

Clicking on the Settings button on any widget (indicated by a small gear icon) will expand the configuration box specific to each widget. Here, you will be able to change any relevant settings that may apply to the current widget. You can choose your own title for all widgets. To learn more about what else can be configured, please view the specific documentation for the widget you are working with. 

Moving Widgets

Widgets can be moved around the dashboard, to whichever order suits you best. To do so, simply drag the widget (by clicking and holding on the title bar of the widget to be moved), and drag to the desired slot (the screen will highlight the area where the widget will drop). Releasing the mouse button will drop the widget in that place, and the dashboard will rearrange all other widgets accordingly.

Widget Sizing

All widgets are sizable, directly on the dashboard. The user can choose from 4 different standard widths (by clicking the small (+) or (-) buttons on the lower-right corner of the widget).

Note that when a widget is resized, it may affect the placement of the widgets that appear afterwards.

Refreshing Widgets

All widgets are able to be manually refreshed, without the need to refresh the entire page (thereby reloading all widgets).

Removing Widgets

At any point, you can remove a widget from your dashboard. The widget can always be added again from the Widget Selector.

Note that any widgets that appear after the deleted widget will be rearranged to fill in the new vacant space.

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