User Accounts

User Accounts

CloudBilling supports the storage of multiple User Accounts. You can find an overview of these accounts by navigating to Administration/Security/User Accounts.

In the same screen you can also start creating new User Accounts. To create a new user account, click the  button. The following screen will open:

The following properties and options are applicable:

  • Email Address - The email address that is used to login. (Required field)
  • Password - The password used to login. (Required field)
  • Firstname - Your first name, used to personalize your environment. (Not required)
  • Surname - Your Surname, used to personalize your environment. (Not required)
  • Language - Currently has no effect on the language of the Portal. 
  • Groups - Select one or more User Groups that this user account belongs to - this determines the access rights of the user. (Required field)
  • Locked - If for some reason a user account should be denied access to CloudBilling, select the Locked button. This account will not be able to login to CloudBilling for as long as it is Locked.

To save the new User Account, click the  button.

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