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Message Definition

A message definition is a generic description of a message. Specific instances of this definition will be sent to customers through the use of message runs. A message definition is made up of the following fields:

  • Name - A name that identifies the message definition.
  • From Key - A key that refers to an email specified under SMTP settings, to send emails from.
  • Recipient Key - A key that refers to an email specified on a customer, to send the email to.
  • Subject - The subject of the emails.
  • Message Template - The message template to generate the content of the email.
  • Invoice Transformation - A set of invoice transformations, the result of which are to be added to each email as attachments.
  • Attachments - Password Key - Optional password protect the attachments.
  • Attachments - Zip - Whether to zip the attachments before attaching them.
  • Collate - If multiple invoices exist for a single customer, collate them into a single email.  

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