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Global Settings

Under the Administration menu you can find the Global Settings option. This section allows for the configuration of options and defaults that apply across your CloudBilling environment. All of these settings are only applied once you click the button.

Environment Time Zone

This is the Timezone that is most appropriate for your environment, and will usually match the Timezone of the country within which you operate (or the country of your head office, for example). It should be noted that this setting is used primarily for generating standardised report information (such as might be found on the Dashboard), and does not necessarily affect your invoice calculations (remembering that the Timezone can be specified per Customer too). Therefore, this setting should only be changed when strictly necessary, and with care - historical reporting data will remain in previous timezones.

To edit this setting, type in the name of the timezone your business primarily operates in.

The field makes use of an autocompleter, and the allowable dataset is drawn from a central list of TimeZones.

Customer Defaults

The following settings describe the default values that are applied to new Customers created via the UI. This allows for easier management of consistency and correctness within the system. You are able to specify the invoice frequency and period size (as well as details of whether to align the period, etc). For further details on these settings, please see the Customer Management section of the help.

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