Adding a Customer

Here you can find the steps required to add a new customer to CloudBilling.

1. Login to CloudBilling

2. Navigate to Customers/Customer Cockpit

3. Click the + button to start adding a Customer

  •    Fill in the customer code (required)
  •    Fill in the customer name (required)
  •    Fill in the customer cluster (required)
  •    Fill in the Contact Person Name (Optional)
  •    Fill in the contact phone (Optional)
  •    Fill in the Customer Time Zone

5. Click on Addresses to start adding the address

6. Click on Metadata to start adding relevant metadata

  •   Click the +Add button start adding metadata
  •   Add a name and value
  •   Select the metadata type (String, Numeric or Date)
  •   Click the  + Add button to save

7. Click Email addresses to start adding a email address

  •   Fill in the relevant Key
  •   Fill in the actual email address
  •   Fill in the Display Name 
  •   Click +Add to save the email address

8. Select the Bill From Date to the date from which the first invoice should be created

9. Click Save & Return to save the customer

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