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Mapping Customers to AWS accounts

After you have added your customers in CloudBilling, you need to map them to the accounts delivered by AWS.

Note: this step can only be taken after CloudBilling has retrieved its first update from AWS, after you have completed the setup.

  1. Sign in to your CloudBilling environment.
  2. In the top menu, click on ‘Connectors’.
  3. Underneath ‘Amazon Web Services’, click on ‘Customer Mapping’.
  4. In the left column you see all the Amazon accounts (master and linked) that the Connector has retrieved.
  5. Click on the tenant(s) you want to map to a Customer.
  6. Fold out the drop-down menu and click on the customer you have created earlier.
  7. Click on ‘Ok’.
  8. Repeat these steps until you have mapped all the tenants to the CloudBilling Customers
    Note: it is possible to map multiple accounts to a single CloudBilling Customer.

After consent has been provided and your customers have been added and mapped, it requires another run of the CloudBilling AWS Connector to retrieve the AWS resource usage for your customers.

The CloudBilling AWS Connector runs automatically every day at 16:30 UTC.

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