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Adding a product (Purchases screen)

1. Navigate to the Purchases screen.

2. Click on the +Add button in the top left.

3. Fill in the following fields:

  • Product Cluster: Fill in the name of the product. (Required)
  • Customer: Fill in the Customer Name or the Customer Code. (Required)
  • Quantity: quantity of the purchase (Required)
  • Override unit price: Fill in a new unit price to overwrite the default unit price (Optional)
  • Override cost: Fill in a new unit cost value to overwrite the default cost value. (Optional)
  • Override Total purchase price: Fill in a new total value for this purchase. (Optional)
  • Purchase Date: Fill in the date of purchase to determine on which invoice it should be placed. (Required)
  • End Date: Fill in the end date of the purchase. (Optional)
  • Bill in Advance: Click on ‘Yes’ to make sure this purchase is added to the previous invoice based on the purchase date. (Optional)
  • Recurrence: Select the recurrence period that should be applied here. (Optional)
  • Recurrence period size: fill in a number here. If recurrence is set to ‘Month’ and you fill in 1 here, the purchase will recur every month.(Optional)
  • Reason: Fill in a reason for the creation or edit of this purchase. (Optional)

4. Click on Save and Return to store this purchase.

5. Adding Metadata (Optional)

    5.1 Click on 'Metadata'

    5.2 Click on '+Add'

    5.3 Choose the type of metadata: String, Number of Date

    5.4 Fill in a key

    5.4 Fill in the value.

    5.5 Click on '+Add'

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