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Adding a Customer

Here you can find the steps required to add a new customer to CloudBilling.

1. Login to CloudBilling

2. Navigate to Customers/Customer Cockpit

3. Click the + button to start adding a Customer

  • Fill in the customer code (required)
  • Fill in the customer name (required)
  • Fill in the customer cluster (required)
  • Fill in the Contact Person Name (Optional)
  • Fill in the Contact Phone (Optional)

4. Select the Bill From Date to the date from which the first invoice should be created

5. Click on Add Addresses to start adding the address

6. Click on Add Metadata to start adding relevant metadata

  • Select the metadata type (String, Numeric or Date)
  • Add a name and value

7. Click on Add Email address to start adding a email address

  • Fill in the relevant Key
  • Fill in the actual email address
  • Fill in the Display Name

8. Click Save & Return to save the customer

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