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View Products and Categories

The Products & Cateogries screen provides you with an overview of all products that are set up on your environment. Products are arranged in a hierarchical structure where each product is part of one product category. The screen allows you to manage your product portfolio by editing existing products and adding new ones.

To introduce a new product category, click on the button. Within a product category click on the button to add a new product.

The following actions are possible:

  • Search for a product via the search bar on the right side of the screen.
  • Update the name of a Product or Product Category.

    • Update the product category to which a product (and its children) belongs.
    • SKUs of a product may be edited and updated. Multiple SKUs are allowed to exist for each product.

When Adding (or Editing) a product, a window will appear, with the following properties:

Name: A unique name for the product.
Product Category: The category this product should be in.
SKU: One or more unique SKUs for the product.

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