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View Customer Clusters

View Customer Clusters

The Customer Cluster screen provides you with an overview of all the Customer Clusters and their hierarchical relationships to each other. It also allows you to edit or add new clusters.

To add a new Customer Cluster to your Customer graph, click on the button. This will open the Add a Customer Cluster screen.

By clicking on any row, the graph will centre on this cluster and on the right-hand side of the screen you can choose to edit the cluster or search for associated price rules.

The following actions are possible on the graph :

  • Clicking on a cluster will highlight the cluster in the list on the left if it is currently visible.
  • Navigate the cluster tree by clicking on nodes, zooming (with the mouse wheel), or panning (click and drag anywhere on the background of the graph).
  • Hovering over a specific cluster will result in a tooltip, showing the full name of the cluster.

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